Chocolate Cupcakes With Vanilla Cream Stuffing and Raspberry Buttercream. Watch my son and I make them on YOU TUBE.

Chocolate Birthday Cake With Mocha Cream Frosting.
So good! Makes a great birthday cake. It does not have an over powering coffee flavour. Even my younger children like it!

Rolo Two-Bite Brownies. Just a few basic ingredients make a delicious chewy fudgy brownie. So quick to put together and one bowl to clean up, too. Don't buy a boxed mix again. Ooey, gooey, good. Watch me make it on You Tube.

 Sour Cream Sugar Cookies. Without a doubt the best sugar cookies, ever. The secret is the sour cream. Not only does the sour cream provide a nice tang in this cookie, it also produces a very tender cookie. The dough is easy to work with and although making these cookies is a bit of work, they are so worth it.
The recipe makes a lot, but they freeze beautifully. Watch me make them on Youtube.

 Sprinkle Cookies. My youngest son's favourite. I don't know if its the sprinkles or maybe its the soft sugar cookie but this cookie appeals to all kids. I love to serve cookies for dessert at family gatherings. People can just grab a cookie and continue to visit and the kids don't make a mess. There is no need for plates or forks. It's
a win-win.

Jam Jams. This is a very old recipe. I think it originally came to our family via one of my Grandmothers friends. We have been making this cookie for about 50 years or more, so you know it  must be good. Watch me make them on Youtube.
Really just a butterscotch cookie with a jam filling, its pretty basic in its ingredients but complex in flavour. My family loves them
especially my nephew, Arden. These are special cookies that require a bit of extra effort so I usually only make them at Christmas time.

 Old Fashioned Apple Crisp. Just simple, basic ingredients that, when combined, make a delicious comforting dessert. The early apples are just coming of the tree and are perfect for this crisp. Choose any apple that you like. Try using a combination of different types of apples and see how it changes the flavour of the finished product. Watch make make it on You Tube 

Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookies. I love these cookies. My kids love these cookies, too. They freeze well, they're quick and easy to put together and safe to send to school(no nuts). They don't last long in my house. Made from simple, basic ingredients, these cookies are a staple in my freezer. Watch son #3 and I make these cookies on You Tube.

Cinnamon Biscuit Rolls, Requested by my son, this is one of his
favourites. They are similar to traditional cinnamon rolls with an easier, quicker dough.These rolls are great for breakfast or a simple dessert. The recipe is my basic buttermilk biscuit recipe. It is very versatile and easy. Sometimes I make sweet rolls, such as these, and sometimes I make savoury biscuits by adding cheese or herbs. The savoury ones are great to have with soup or salad. See the recipe for pizza biscuit rolls.
  Watch my son and I make it on You Tube.

Lemon Berry Cream CakeThe perfect summer dessert. Make ahead, no bake and it feeds a ton of people. Made with the easiest lemon curd made completely in the microwave.Oh! My! Gosh! It is so good! Watch me make it on You tube.

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